Conditions of sale

Control techniques s. a. is the manager

The warranty and the activity of the portal are backed by our extensive experience in the sector.


The cost of shipping includes taxes and is not included in the price of the Products. At the time of purchase of the Product, the User will be informed of the exact cost of the shipping.
The Company guarantees the shipping and handling of the products during the 24/48h after receipt of payment for the product, unless specified otherwise in the item description.
Those orders made (and/or paid) on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday shall be deemed received the first working day subsequent to the same, as well as those made from Monday to Friday after 16 hours.

The shipping Costs include packaging, handling and shipping.


The User who purchases a product through the Store must pay through payment systems specifically detailed in the Store.

Payments made by bank transfer must be paid in a maximum of five (5) working days, by making use of the instructions provided in the email that will be issued to the customer after the purchase. At the end of such term, the product will revert back to the sale.



Not accept returns of products without prior RMA request by customer and approval by TECHNICAL CONTROL SA


Returns will not be accepted in the cases following:


1.- Products not manufactured or marketed by CONTROL TECHNIQUES SA


2.- Discontinued products, although they are in good condition.


3.- Products in good condition that have been used prior to the return.


4.- Products that have been manipulated.


5.- Products in good condition with bad physical conditions of the packaging.


6.- Products in good condition the supply of which exceeds two months from the date of billing.


. - In the case of a return prior to the period indicated in point 6, will be applied a 15% depreciation of the material.


7.- To make a proposal of repayment, it is necessary to fill in correctly the sheet of the RMA and indicate the invoice number or delivery note of the product that you intend to return.


If the buyer requests to return a product for technical failures or malfunctions, will be required for the technical check by the technical CONTROL TECHNIQUES SA of the product or of the facility where it was mounted.


A. - The process of testing of the product, it can last for up to 20 working days after its receipt.


B. - In case of confirmed failure of the product, we will compensate the buyer (by payment or replacement - free product purchased) without the right to claim damage or prejudice of any kind,

TECNICAS DE CONTROL SA, are only responsible for the product, will not cover the cost of returning the product, nor the expenses of assembly and disassembly, as well as, or rental of tools or vehicles necessary for the assembly and disassembly of the product at buyer's facilities or the customer's end.


C. - If, for various reasons, the replacement of a product has to be ahead of the receipt of the same, the delivery note issued by CONTROL TECHNIQUES SA will be performed WITH CHARGE. After the verification of the returns will be their respective credit or replacement, whenever appropriate.


Once you get over 48 hours of delivery of the material, CONTROL TECHNIQUES SA, does not accept claims relating to breakage of the material, errors in the sums or errors of models. In case of notify in the bill of lading that the goods are subject to revision, the term will be extended to 6 calendar days following the date on which you made the supply.



 With carlter generat esa ttorn exentos of lors derechos garantía here establecrtwo lI damage and fallI of funciontomyento servicior lors equipos, productors or elemintors of il lumin a nacia e thattengan so urigene in:


To.- Pos siblis accidentes, golpes, manipulacis indebidas or use negligente, impropro claratmatte rnright of the equipor,eleminto or productor sujetor la gartí.


B.- Nor respetra las instruccis of instalación, uso and mantinimientor establecidins in lin documentation acormpañante to the productor hisministrado and/or los regltomintI and normativas técnicas and seguridad vigenetis, rango nacional or local,que le febuton aplicación in each momentor, comor ejemplo can ser the Reglamentor Electrotécnico to Btojto Tinsia e, e instrucciones técnicas Complemontarias,

     Compatibility Electrormagneticto, Notrmto europea IN-60598, etc.).


C.- Prolut on somedto exposiciI a ambientis corrosive and deteripraytis, tan comor gasis agrisivI origene químycor.


D.- Seccionylongitud of thecabletodordeacometida iswimcused to ltos acracterIsticas sección delos bornes of the conexrr delbalastor.


And.- Modificaciones, instaltociones,reparaciones or empleos erróneors, aplicate the interiorr equipo, elemento o uctor itsministrado, and not realizados per personal autorrit by the servicio post cometto of BATULED.


F.- Dyears producidI by inundtocis, plagas, terremotI, lightning, over-voltage, accions of terceras partes or cutolaviwas ortrtos causes of fuandrza mayor tojenas to lace condicis normalis funcionamiintor equipo and control of BATULED.


BATULED not seer responsable ante the cliinte, or directa ni indirecttominte, ningún incumplimiinto ormora en laplicacie sus obligaciones of garantía, that pudier ser origiswim by c- to -u -sas of forerza mayor o cualquier ortro incidente rmprevistor y tojeno to lto volatad of BATULED.


Lto responsabilidtod BATULED ofrivada dthe presente certificado ragtontIa istiner limitada las obligaciones expresadas wa teriorminte and howtitativtominte, the importelto factura paid porr the cliinte in conceptor cormpra del equipo, eleminto or productor objetor de reclamación, thatdando exprthatInte excluida cualquierspornsability for damages indirectI ttoles como la pérdida ingresos or beneficios de explor atacion,etc.

BATULED only swill be responsable lto falton offormity delequipo, eleminto productor ilorminacir with las caracterIstictoo signladas en lto presente garanyouto,whenan resultador an incorrectto instaltocie, when la instalación estand inclorida intrator de comprto seetand has sido realiised by persornal autorizado by BATULED or bajor responsability, or by el consumidor chen la instalación defectuosa sand need to an error in las instruccis de instaltoción.


             Lascittodas limitacis garantía seran of toplicaciónsiempre and cuInortrtocome to las dispotsicis legalis aplicablis in cada paIsrespector delto responsabilidtod elproductor. Dedarse estcircunstancia anulacion algunade lacedispotsicionesanteriorris, lnulidtod oslor tofectaráa that dispotsicie at particular, mwtiniendorse vigentis elrestorlace mismas. En concretor, seexceptow aplicacir cutolaviertodispotsiciones reflejadas enest -agarantyto quecontrconform lo dispuestor la Ley 23/2003,of 10 julior, that transpone alordenemiinto Englishlto Directiwill Comanitarito 1999/44/CEy queafectto aquellorsequiposdeil luminacir nationaliritwo paraser utiliused en territoriorlto Unie Europeto.


Queda excluidor cualquier ortrorI gartínot seencuenter mencionado exprestomintand in elpresinte certified gartíof BATULED.




             Lors derechos de gtorwaunt establecidors en el presente documinto podrán ser reclamadors dorrtonte el perit of vigencion establecido in each case and forma inmediata a your oftecciI t, salvo that trate offectors visibles and obvios tontis de instal lar the productor,en whose acso la reclamación shall efectuarin a plazo lImite of 15-day withtatr desde lto fcheck of entrega al primer comprtodorr, or 1 mis totarsof l, date de yourministro desde tolmtodisposal of BATULED, and en dicho casor defectI visibles, and obvios antf or instalar on the productor, siempre tontis de instalación.


Andn general, BATULED granted 2 yearsors of gartonyouin your productI de iluminación ID stolo in the products, indicating other times of warranty.