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Matizamos... are you Looking for led manufacturers in Spain?

Fabricante de Leds

In Batuled you will find a great team of LED Manufacturers with more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector offering products with a high standard of quality that they know the market, research in R & D and seek always to provide the latest advances in lighting to all those distributors who wish to offer our products.

Today the LED is in fashion and it is not surprising, the needs of people, of nature, of the world in which we live, etc, requires us to solutions of this type. Products beneficial to the environment that they follow certain premises social benefits for all.

And it is, as you know, the led bulbs are more durable, and month-to-month savings you will note on the invoice. Its cost is slightly higher than normal bulbs but in the long term will notice the benefits in your pocket and that the end user knows it.

We conclude, therefore, that is one of the current businesses, with more possibilities.

Led... the lighting of The future.

All formats LEDS that need to your clients

We offer all kind of formats of LED lighting to professionals and companies, light bulbs, Led Tubes, Downlight, projectors, and industrial lighting.

Whatever your customers, you will have the lighting they need and all sizes of caps that can be found in households as in business, local, etc From the common size we all know and technically called E27, until the small size also common, so-called E14, passing through the small not-so-used E10. Like the bushings typically used in the eyes of the ox, called technically GU10, Mr11, Mr16, etc

Keep in mind that many of them, especially if you are heading to the public end, you would have doubts about the bulb that you need, especially for the change he represents to be a lifetime talking about Watts and move on to talk about Lumens. So we found this table with equivalent insurance, you will come to marvel in such a case:

Fabricantes de Led Equivalencias

Your products, backed by quality manufacturing

We are the company of manufacture of LEDS with a large catalog of products to illuminate spaces efficiently and with a longer-lasting energy. All our products go through a strict quality control and are certified. Join with us to cleaner energy, attractive and less costly.