Quality and environment

In Batuled we have assumed the commitment to continuous improvement in quality and the environment through the implementation and certification of the standards ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 that reaches all levels of the hierarchy and organization. With the implementation of the System of Quality and Environment, Batuled, assumes the following strategic commitments aimed at achieving a continuous improvement in a sustained way:

  • Increase the knowledge of the customer's expectations and their perception about the product and services provided.
  • Knowledge of market trends and innovations in order to adapt our offer.
  • To ensure that the competencies of our staff conform to what the market demands and requirements of the jobs they occupy.
  • Identify, or if it is possible to prevent the deviations to any requirements (customer, regulatory, internal,...) with the aim of establishing actions that will prevent the causes which have produced. In all cases try by all means that such deviations, if they occur, will affect the customer.
  • Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects derived from the activity, in order to control them and establish objectives and goals to reduce their impact.
  • Periodic review of the legal requirements to update it and ensure compliance.
  • Inform and involve all parties (employees, suppliers, distributors,...) in these commitments, and in other in line with the continuous improvement in quality and environment.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the Quality System and the Environment, the Direction of Batuled reviews it periodically.

The Policy of Quality and Environment is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels and departments of the organization. Is periodically reviewed in order to adapt it to the changing situation of the environment and the strategic objectives of the company, leaving a record in the records of revision of the System of Quality and Environment by the management of Batuled

The coordination and execution of the necessary actions for the functioning of the Quality System and the Environment are made by the Responsible of Quality and Environment, who also serves as representative of the Address in this field. The Address of the company providing the means of human, technical and financial necessary for the effective development of the System.


All products BATULED pass exhaustive quality controls.







                     All of our products have corresponding technical data sheets and certificates of quality.


BATULED cares for and respects the environment, by recycling their waste products along with AMBILAMP.