Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission

The mission of Batuled consists in the development and delivery of solutions in lighting for professional clients, which allow them to reduce costs as well as the consum of energy and their environmental impact.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the global partner in lighting solutions are sustainable for business customers.

Our core values

The values of Batuled are the elements and practices of basic that we use in our daily work:

  • Committed
    fulfills the promises and delivers products with quality guaranteed. We have a commitment to our customers with an excellent customer service and a sales staff with extensive knowledge in lighting. As a company Batuled contributes to achieving a sustainable future in a way to be thorough and professional, offering our clients solutions that make them more sustainable.
  • Innovative
    Batuled is a company compente innovative and look for solutions that use both traditional technologies and new. We are a company that offers value to customers helping them to save money and energy, and to conserve the environment. Can we really change things by getting customers minimize costs with good practices. Our milestone is to contribute to achieve a sustainable future by offering solutions in lighting that help our customers be sustainable.
  • Agile
    In Batuled we are open to new ideas and we adapt to the needs of the customers, which allows us to provide tailored solutions that fit each client specifically. Our size allows to speed up the step from the conception to the marketing. Customers may perceive that we are more quick and resolute than our competitors.