As manufacturers of LED Bulbs, we are looking for a sustainable lighting that ensures the greatest energy savings possible. We distribute a wide collection of LED bulbs for all kinds of formats and powers, allowing you to achieve a light of better quality, a durability of up to 20 years and a few designs are much more attractive than with traditional bulbs.

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Find out more about the LED Bulbs

As manufacturers of LED bulbs we want to offer you all the information you need to the time to acquire the most proper to distribute them in your business and what information to provide to your own customers. Take note of our recommendations.

Why and how to recommend LED lighting?

The LED lighting is the lighting of the future because it offers many benefits primarily because it is the best way to save on the electricity bill. With less watts to get the same amount of lumens, that is to say, with less power to get the same amount of light so that the reduction of the first variable, translates directly into a reduction in consumption and, therefore, the amount of the invoice of the light.

You know all the types of bulbs that we offer

As was the case with the normal, there are various types depending on the application that we go to them and depending on the lamp on which you intend to install them. Begins to differentiate between the various types:

1 - Dichroic:

The LED bulbs dichroic[E1] are the first to advise you to substitute the great expense of consumption they represent. For us to understand, it can be passed from a consumption of 50W to-one 6W, and even 4W. Without a doubt, a great difference.

2 - Type balloon or standard:

These are the all we tend to know and use, which are therefore one of the most in-demand distributors. In this case, colloquially we know the cap small, or Led Bulbs E14; and the bushing width, or Led light Bulbs E27.

The change to LED is a good decision

A smart decision not only for the savings but also for the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings. Phenomenon that is growing in popularity and is on the rise due to the great concern for climate change and that it requires suppliers, such as you, willing to offer LED bulbs to households seeking to improve in all senses.